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Is Tooth Whitening Safe?

Food, drinks, age, and other damage can all cause tooth discoloration. When this occurs, it causes problems with a person’s confidence and their desire to smile. Living a day without smiling is a horrible day. Luckily, tooth whitening is an option that can help you brighten and whiten your smile once again, removing these discolorations and stains to reveal your bright white smile. According to the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry, approximately 99% of the world thinks that the smile is the most important asset that a person possesses. It is little wonder why so many people are using tooth whitening to improve their smile.

boulder dentist

You can visit a boulder dentist  to receive whitening services. Many people visit the dentist annually to have a teeth whitening performed. The results are instant and last for many months. And, it only takes about half an hour in the office. However, insurance usually doesn’t cover the cost of teeth whitening, and the cost can run. An alternative to whiten the teeth is an at-home whitening kit. Many people use these kids in lieu of visiting the dentist and shelling out the money, but are they really safe?

You will find an assortment of teeth whitening kits sold at drug stores, online, and in other retail locations. For the most part, these kids have tested and proven to be safe to use by teenagers and adults. However, it is imperative that you follow the instructions in the package and do not overuse the kids. If you do not use the kids correctly or overuse them, you can damage the teeth. Cost of tooth whitening kits for at-home use very, however most cost between $20 and $200. You can even visit your dentist to receive tooth whitening trays to whiten your teeth.

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